Levetzow, Cornelia Frederikke Juliane Victorine

1836 - 1921


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Levetzow, Cornelia Frederikke Juliane Victorine

Written by:  Lise Busk-Jensen

Cornelia Frederikke Juliane Victorine Levetzow grew up in an upper-class family as the daughter of a lord-in-waiting and customs administrator in Ringkøbing. As an unmarried woman living in her parents' home, she wrote her debut young ladies’ novel En ung Piges Historie, 1861, a hugely popular Cinderella tale that was translated into many languages and eventually sold fifty thousand copies.

Cornelia Levetzow wrote over thirty-five novels and short story collections, increasingly religious and missionary in form, such as Fortællinger, 1861, and Skizzer af Hverdagslivet (SS), 1863.

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