Fleron Jacobsen, Kate

1909 - 2006


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Fleron Jacobsen, Kate

Written by:  Anne Birgitte Richard

Kate Fleron Jacobsen grew up in a wealthy, conservative, divorced home and was a qualified journalist, editor, and author. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark, she was active in the left-wing political resistance movement as a member of the editorial team of the illegal paper Frit Danmark. She was arrested in 1944, but continued after the war as the paper’s editor until it was discontinued in 1982. In 1945, she published Kvinder i modstandskampen (re-published in 1964), in which she counters the view that women “did nothing” by interviewing women who participated in the resistance movement. Furthermore, she wrote two books about youth and morals, including Afsporet Ungdom, 1942, as well as several books on North Korea and the anthology Frit Danmark, 1967.

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