Stålberg, Wilhelmina

1803 - 1872


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Stålberg, Wilhelmina

Written by:  Eva Borgström

Wilhelmina Stålberg was one of the most productive authors of nineteenth century Swedish literature, writing eighty titles within the popular genres of the time.

In 1826, however, she made her debut with the poetry collection Min ungdoms idealer; however, she became successful with the publication in 1839 of her novel Emmas hjerta. Her comment to the debate about C. J. L. Almquist's novel Det går an, (1839; Eng. tr. Sara Videbeck and the Chapel) was her work Eva Widebeck, eller Det går aldrig an, 1840, and she published historical novels about personages such as Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht and Queen Kristina. She was a translator, newspaper writer, and co-author of Anteckningar om svenska qvinnor, 1864-1866, a series of biographical articles about famous women.

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