Emtö, Solveig Elvira

1927 - 


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Emtö, Solveig Elvira

Written by:  Inga-Britt Wik

Solveig Elvira Emtö was born in Jakobstad and has worked in a factory and a shop. She recounted her life in the autobiographical novel trilogy about a girl called Elvira, Rönnbär och flannell, 1974, Krokushuset, 1976, Det gula slottet, 1978, and has contributed to literature about Finnish war children in Sweden with the powerful prose book Krigsbarn 13408, 1981, which was continued in the novel Eldvagnarna, 1988. Solveig Emtö has been a member of the group of feminist women writers in Österbotten.

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