Andersen, Dortea Birkedal

1957 - 


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Andersen, Dortea Birkedal

Written by:  Anne Mørch-Hansen

Dortea Birkedal Andersen left school at sixteen to travel the world, writing the travel books Rejseeventyr. På stop fra Ringstedvej til Verdens Tag, 1982, and Tvillingetræet, 1983. She has written screenplays for the teenage films Negerkys og labre larver, directed by Li Vilstrup, 1987, and 17 op, directed by Brita Wielopolska, 1989, which paved the way for her first novel Sally’s bizniz, 1989, the raw and humorous story of Sally, an indomitable girl with business acumen from the concrete suburbs. This was followed by her adult novels Latterfuglens land, 1990, Grusvej til paradis, 1991, and Kællingehaven, 1996.

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