Améen, Elin

1852 - 1913


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Améen, Elin

Written by:  Eva Heggestad

Elin Améen was born in Karlskrona and grew up in a solid, middle-class family in Stockholm, where her father was a chief postmaster and writer.

She remained unmarried, and made her debut in 1885 with Träldom och andra berättelser och skisser, which conveys her pessimistic view of the opportunities available to women to lead a life of liberty and happiness. Her other works include Frihed (N), 1893, Lifsmål, (SS), 1891, and En sommardröm, (N), 1912.

Further reading

Lynn R Wilkinson: "Sketching modernity: Elin Améen's "Träldom" and "Lifsmål"" in: Scandinavica (42):2, 2003

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