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Here you can keep up to date with the latest currents in Nordic women’s literature. We open the door to the twenty-first century with articles on the work of six prominent writers: Sofi Oksanen and Monika Fagerholm from Finland, Hanne Ørstavik from Norway, Sara Stridsberg from Sweden, Auđur Jónsdóttir from Iceland and Helle Helle from Denmark. 

Anniken Hannevik, Søndagsengel, 2010
Dollet I. Katarina Pirak Sikku, 2006.
Untitled #1. Fra serien Leaving no Shadow In The Mirror. Jenny Nordquist, 2014.
© Trine Søndergaard, Now That You Are Mine #5, 1997–2000 Courtesy of Martin Asb
Girlfriend. Fra serien Fuck You Kiss Me. Eva Marie Rødbro, 2009.
Marie Sjøvold, Midnight Milk #3, 2010. From the series 'Midnight Milk'
When I Ieave the world behind. A K Dolven, 2006.
Master. Jenny Källmann, 2011.