Literature of the twenty-first century

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Here you can keep up to date with the latest currents in Nordic women’s literature. We open the door to the twenty-first century with articles on the work of six prominent writers: Sofi Oksanen and Monika Fagerholm from Finland, Hanne Ørstavik from Norway, Sara Stridsberg from Sweden, Auđur Jónsdóttir from Iceland and Helle Helle from Denmark. 

Grå Zone (Kaktussen). Julie Nord, 2015.
Anni Leppälä, Untitled (Morning light), 2013
Eva Tind. 2012. Marilyn4. Fra serien GESTUS MM
Ditte Ejlerskov. 2014. The Video Phone Painting
Lina Scheynius, Me in Marrakech, Spring 2012
Arms in Cave. Fra serien Behind is the Invisible. Ida Arentoft, 2009.
Untitled Reflection #8. Fra serien A Room Inside. Trine Søndergaard, 2015.
Kajsa Gullberg, from the book 'Unravelled', 2014
Tina Enghoff. 2012. The Idea of Travelling. Fra serien Migrant Documents
Børne- og ungdomslitteratur. Wirsén.
Basic Form. Fra serien The Director. Anna Strand, 2006
Uden titel. Fra serien Liminality. Kajsa Gullberg, 2015.